RHONJ-Season Five – Episode 1

No picutres, no comix.  Just Kathleen ( my bff) & I sharing our thoughts.

As you guys know. my name is Rho.  I’m a character but my comix and blogs reflect my real feelings about these people.  Just as these REAL people act out (poorly) the scripts Bravo provides for them.   So its half fact, half fiction – 100% italian.


RHO: I love that Antonia & Milania finally get their play date.  But I just don’t understand why Melissa can’t back off and let these kids have fun.  Milania put it perfectly, “this is starting to be annoying”.

KATH: Oh Rho, they know this isn’t authentic.  And for that little bitch tonot understand that the elder Gorga’s need ONE DATE for each of the girls recitals is just plain disgusting.

RHO: And Caroline! Oy! could she be any more annoying if she tried!!  I mean leave this poor family alone.

KATH:  Well that didn’t bother me as much as Coo-Coo-for-cocoa-puffs Jacqueline telling us how she puts the whole Gorga-Guidice situation on the same place on her list as bleaching her tushy-hole.   I mean, who cares!  Who is she anyway?  She’s a leftover.

RHO:  Oy Vey Izmir!  I never knew you felt so strongly about someone so weak.


RHO:  Now do you really think that Joe Gorga asked  Caroline to go and speak with Teresa?

KATH:  Oh give me a break.  Once again.  she’s a leftover.   She needs to stay on the show so the sons can show their stupid restaurant and somehow redeem themselves (from punta cana) and get their own show on Bravo.

RHO:  People forget that this show started as the MANZO show.  It has become quite definitely the Guidice-Gorga Show.  And I gotta say, as much as I dislike Melissa’s machinations and manipulations, I dislike the Manzo-Laurita clan even more.

KATH: Why?

RHO:  Cos I don’t see their purpose and all they seem to do is have something mean and biting to say.  Same with the other ones (The Wakiles).  They don’t further the plot or provide a subplot.  So pfft.  this could be a very dull season if they continually force the Manzo-Laurita-Wakile troika into the show.

So that’s how we saw it.  The after-show is even more pathetic.  Andy needs to give it up.  Teresa needs to keep shining.  And We PROMISE to have more comix as the season goes on.



Amanda Noelle Ali Half-Sister to Melissa Gorga? – This is Too Good To Be True

OMG Is it possible?  Could life be this giving?  Could karma rear it’s head so quickly?  I’m giddy with excitment at the possibility that Melissa Gorga has a GORGEOUS younger half-sister.  Yeah, she’s a true beauty.  And guess what?  SHE SINGS!!!  Hopefully she will have more evidence of her hard work honing her talent than one video when she was 8.

If this is true and somehow she joins the show?  All I can say is.. Thank You Jesus.

Maybe www.famewhorgas.wordpress.com will hear my prayers and do some investigative work for our enjoyment?


Oh Come On…. She Lost a Jetski FGS!

I thank The Gorgas, Laurita’s and Manzo’s for the comic relief during this difficult post-storm time.   Hearing the self importance in Melissa’s voice talking to ET about her Jetski and lack of electricity was just plain funny.  Irritating, but funny.  So here’s my ode to the Idiots on The Shore.

PS: it goes without saying RHOCOMIX will only donate to nationally recognized charities.  And I suggest the same for everyone. Has nothing to do with how much one likes a person.  It’s just good policy.

OK.. enough serious…

Honey Boo Boo Schools Melissa in the Truth

And you know how much Melissa loves the truth…  Honey Boo Boo is typically a firecracker, but always light hearted in her attempt to share her views.  Let’s see how she did with RHONJ interloper Melissa Gorga.

Hmm… ok, So Honey Boo Boo doesn’t seem to like Melissa.  I wonder why?  lol.  Even Honey Boo Boo can knows the smell of deceit.

Don’t Mess With Little Joey Gorga

Little Joey Gorga is still pissed off at the less than mature treatment he’s received by those invisible haters who have so much courage behind a keyboard.  So much courage that they say hurtful things about children. (sigh)

I’m just imagining what Little Joey would say…. I don’t know these people from Adam.  I’m not even fond of Melissa.  But what’s right is right.  Sleep tight little Joey.  The angels will keep you safe and you know where to find Milania when you need some light work done.  lol.

Special Thanks to www.melissagorga.com for the pic.  I may not like you, but youre kids are adorbs!

RHONJ Husbands Build Their Wives Houses!?!

Well at least they’re good for something!  I kid, I kid.  The house they’re standing in front of in the comic strip is the 13,000 sq ft home 5 minutes from Teresa that Melissa said Joey surprised her with as a christmas present.  (sigh) (eyeroll)  The house was built as a spec home.  Joey built it.  But the market went pear-shaped and he couldn’t sell.  So they moved in when they finally got their manna from heaven in the form of Andy Cohen’s assent to have them join RHONJ.  So today, they owe $2.5 million on a house that’s worth half that.  Shame.  But as long as Melissa’s happy I guess all is well in their world.

RHONJ Wives Always Bring Baggage To The Show

and by baggage I mean husbands….  First up is Joe Gorga, younger brother of Teresa Giudice and husband to the morally bankrupt (and financially too now that I think of it) Melissa Marco Gorga.  Joe was probably a nice baby.  But in an italian household, the youngest boy wears a crown.  I know firsthand how they are revered and waited on.  Indulged by his parents and his sister, Joe sits on the precipice between toddler and adolescence.  Adulthood has escaped him.  His talking head interviews are hy-larious!!  He’s kinda like Jersey’s very own Honey Boo Boo.   You betteh Redneckanize!